Brian Greene on the Colbert Report

The Colbert Report had several bits about science, including Stephen settling the debate between science and religion once and for all with a coin toss. He also interviewed the string theorist Brian Greene, the author of the Elegant Universe.

Greene tried to explain what strings are in his five minute segment, but he has some trouble doing so, and Colbert commented that strings make intelligent design seem appealing. There is a lot less thought involved in “God did it.”

The show will be on again on Tuesday at 8:30 PM Eastern time.


2 Responses to “Brian Greene on the Colbert Report”

  1. ID Theorist would like us to believe there is a simple answer to the toughest questions in the universe, simply “God did it”. That’s all and good for the simple minded people who want to know as little as possible, but for those of us who want to know “how” the answer “God did it” does not satisfy. Regardless of the question of is there a God, science is not out to erase God from our culture, but science is seeking to explain our natural environment through piratical, observable experiments.

  2. Uh, have you ever seen th Colbert Report? It’s a satire, and his response was pur sarcasm

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