Testing Out Peformancing for Firefox

I find that if it is inconvienent to use the editing software then I do not do as good job when I am blogging. I want something that makes it easy to change things, and easy to put in links. Firefox is very nice to use while blogging since the tabs make it easy to go grab the URLs I need for links. I also like to have automated tools for tagging things. I also like having a spellchecker, since I am an old enough to believe in spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.

Performancing for Firefox is a Firefox extension that adds a rich text editor that supports multiple blogging sites: Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Livejournal.com, MSN Spaces, and Typepad.com. It has most of the features that I want, although the spellchecker is still beta. This post was done using Performancing for Firefox.


One Response to “Testing Out Peformancing for Firefox”

  1. […] In my search for a powerful and flexible way to create blog entries, I have stumbled onto Writely which was recommended in Squash. It is actually an online word processor. It’s native format is html, so it seems like it could be a natural tool for creating blog entries. It supports hyperlinks which is critical for blogging. It has a spellchecker which is something that I miss from both Performancing for Firefox and the WordPress online editor. The spellchecker works fairly well. This entry is actually my first use of Writely. The one problem that I have seen is that you can type too fast for it. […]

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