Cross Blogging

I originally started blogging about science at blogspot, but now I trying out Word Press also. I have not brought over the old entries yet, since I haven’t figured out how to do that.

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2 Responses to “Cross Blogging”

  1. I used Blogger for my first blog three years ago. This time around, I wanted something that I could have attached to my planned website, and a bunch of other sites I liked seemed to be using WordPress, so I downloaded and installed that, which really is easy. I had to register my own domain name and handle my own uploading, though, so it’s not for a complete computer newbie.

    I think is relatively new, and it seems like a great way to bring the customizability of WordPress to more people. Good switch!

  2. As my one known reader has found me, I guess I can make the move officially.

    I haven’t figured out how either or make any money, so I worry about how long they will last. Blogger seems to encourage people to run Adsense, perhaps they get a cut of any revenue.

    I have my own domain so I have considered trying to get wordpress running there.

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