Gmail Gets a Delete Button

I learned today that Gmail has gotten a delete button. Google has said since they introduced Gmail that you never need to delete anything. They have argued that when you combine the large amount of storage that Gmail provides with their excellent search tool , that it does not make sense to throw any email away.

Many people have disgreed with this. Sometimes you get an email that is just wrong. That party invitation has been changed. If I save both and search later I will find the right date and wrong date. I need to delete some emails. Well apparently they have finally understood.

The most facinating thing about all of this though is that I learned of it through a comic strip.

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2 Responses to “Gmail Gets a Delete Button”

  1. JamesWalden Says:

    I see you’ve moved over to WordPress. I also was happy to see the addition of the delete button for precisely the reason you state, and you’ve reminded me to see if UserFriendly has an RSS feed…

  2. Hi James, Glad you found the blog. Very few people I know get UserFreindly. I guess I do not have many geeks in my circle of friends.

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