Imported Content from Blogger introduced a new import utility that grabs posts and comments from other blogging sites and adds them to your blog. I tried it out today and brought over my posts. It worked quite well, but did not bring over my photos. I have deleted those posts since they do not make any sense without the photos.

I am very pleased with and it looks like this will be my primary blog home. I just have not figured out how they are supporting this service.


3 Responses to “Imported Content from Blogger”

  1. I found a FAQ that sort of addresses this question It sounds like down the line they intend to charge for add-ons, but all of the services you’re getting now are intended to be free going forward. I’d reckon they’re just trying to build numbers right now, luring people away from other services that cost money (like TypePad) or don’t offer the same degree of flexibility (like Blogger).

    By the way, looks like you changed your theme, just like that! I like the foreshortened pen image. I think I’ll stay with my basic theme for right now myself….

  2. Oops, looks like I probably inadvertently deleted a closing tag for the hyperlink. But it still takes you to the right place if you click anywhere on my comment. (Fixed. Mike)

  3. I chose the theme since it is fills wider windows. I have a nice big monitor and most themes look like a narrow strip down the middle of my nice wide window.

    Thanks for the FAQ.

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