Death by Risk Aversion

I really liked this blog entry. It describes how risk aversion can stifle innovation at big companies and it mostly blames middle management. It can be hard to tell if a middle manager is protecting the company from your fantastic but risky idea or whether he is just protecting his job.  The are some nice illustrations that both make the point and make the post more fun.


2 Responses to “Death by Risk Aversion”

  1. Wow, thanks for pointing that one out! Taking risks is so scary…which reminds me, I need to see if I can set up to have a coffee with a fellow ex-scientist/writer/artist who apparently is interested in teaching artistic techniques to scientists…I want to blog about her stuff, but I gotta meet her first. There’s definitely a discipline in allowing oneself to take chances on the page or the canvas, and I’m constantly fighting the urge to stay in the safe zone.

    And I agree, the mixture of text and graphics is very effective!

  2. I wonder how much time it took her to make the graphics. Some could be clip art but even searching for the right clips would add to the work of producing the post.

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