Department of Energy Increases Science Funding

Following up on the President’s State of the Union promise to increase funding in the physical sciences, the Department of Energy has released details on the planned request to Congress for funding increase for the Department’s Office of Science. Overall the FY 2007 budget request will call for a 14% increase in funding.

“This is an historic step and will change the future of science in this country,” Secretary Bodman said. “Continued American leadership in science is critical to our ability to innovate and grow. These funds will also provide new educational and training opportunities that will give the next generation of scientists, teachers, and engineers the tools they need to succeed.”

We will not know for several months if Congress will agree, but you rarely get something unless you ask.

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2 Responses to “Department of Energy Increases Science Funding”

  1. What has the funding trend been in recent years? I’ve not followed it, being out of academia and all. It must have been a while since physics has gotten this much of a boost.

  2. Very static. It has been somewhere between completely flat and just keeping up with inflation.

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