Friday Bunny Blogging


I wanted to figure out how to post photos in wordpress. WordPress seems to default to a thumbnail, but I finally found the option to use the original size. Since I do not have a cat, I could not go for Friday cat blogging. Ginger is my daughter's pet bunny, so she gets the honor of the first photo post.


3 Responses to “Friday Bunny Blogging”

  1. What is Friday cat blogging? BTW, the rabbit is totally cute, though I understand that they are high maintenance…

  2. Many bloggers post pictures of their cats on Fridays, because they are too tired of doing real blogging. Google “friday cat blogging” and you will get almost 5,000,000 hits.

  3. Wow, I had no idea. Guess I should try to get a pic of the neighborhood feral cat, then, since I don’t have one….

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