The Ghost Particle

I was flipping channels tonight, and I heard the phrase ghost particle. I stopped on the local PBS channel and discovered that NOVA was having a show on neutrinos. It was about half over, but I watched the rest. I did not learn anything new, but I get a kick out of seeing people that I know on television, even if it is PBS. I recognized three people on the part of the show that I saw. It will be on again at 11:00 PM on WETA, Washington, so I will record it and watch rest tomorrow.

I had one quibble. They harped on the discovery of neutrino mass as the first major failure of the Standard Model. The Standard Model has assumed that neutrinos have no mass, but none of the fermions have their mass predicted by the Standard Model. If neutrinos turn out to be their antiparticles it is not very hard to accommadate neutrinos with mass in the Standard Model. If they are not their own antiparticles, it gets harder.

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2 Responses to “The Ghost Particle”

  1. Did you know neutrinos have mass? hehehe

  2. If neutrinos have the small mass people think they do, I always wondered what a mess of “cold” neutrinos would act like. Lets say somehow we got mole after mole of them and “cooled” them down so they were moving at very slow speeds and somehow got them all in a 1 cm box or something. A gram of neutrinos, what a wierd concept, but their spins would probably mess this up.

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