Science Jobs Lowest Paying??

No time to comment on this report, but it has a fascinating thesis.

Summers was deservedly castigated, but not for the right reasons. He claimed to be giving a comprehensive list of reasons why there weren’t more women reaching the top jobs in the sciences. Yet Summers, an economist, left one out: Adjusted for IQ and working hours, jobs in science are the lowest paid in the United States.

This article explores this fourth possible explanation for the dearth of women in science: They found better jobs.


2 Responses to “Science Jobs Lowest Paying??”

  1. It’s true, it’s true…I’ve been wanting to blog on this, but other things have come up. But this is why I’m not uniformly gung-ho on encouraging more girls to go into science. I’d prefer they be better informed rather than cheerlead them into such an unstable career path.

    That is why we need more depictions of lab life in fiction–biographies tend to be just-so stories of those who succeeded and don’t include much of the drama.

  2. […] I had seen this article mentioned previously and had posted a quick entry noting it, but I did not read the whole article until this weekend. The article attempted to address why there are not more women in science with the thesis that the working conditions are very unappealing to women. He does make the case that pretty well. The average trajectory for a successful scientist is the following: […]

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