Friday Bunny Blogging II

Patience is the white and black one. Bquark is the darker one. Bquark was named after the bottom quark which I have done most of my research on. He was the last one that my family acquired, and the name was meant to appease me so that I would let them keep him.



3 Responses to “Friday Bunny Blogging II”

  1. Guess Who Says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your Friday Bunny Blogging, but I am saddened by its inconsistency. You have not had a bunny picture for every Friday since you started. That’s really a shame. By the way, those are some mighty handsome bunny rabbits you have there. Your family must have good taste.

  2. Well expect for a peculiar prediliction for lops, they do. You won’t find any pictures of lops here though.

  3. Guess Who Says:

    WHAT?? You won’t post any pictures of lops? Thats racist! Or something-ist…. Why no lops?

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