Visit to Fermilab

I am spending a few days at Fermilab this week. It is always interesting to see how much goes on at a major physics research center like this. Two tidbits struck me. One was the weekly colloqium which was given by Elizabeth Simmons this week and was titled How to Popularize Physics. I saw the crowd leaving the lecture hall, and I realized I had missed the talk. I went and looked to see who had spoken. I was kicking myself for not checking the topic earlier in the day.

The second occured as I was entering the lab today. I reached the intersection at the center of the lab, and it was blocked by lab security cars. A red van driving about 10 mile sper hour was escorted through the intersection by security. As I thought about it, I realized they were probably transporting the new upgrade to D-Zero silicon vertex detector from the fabrication facility out to the detector. It was the right road and the Tevatron is currently shutdown for detector upgrade work.

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5 Responses to “Visit to Fermilab”

  1. How to Popularize Physics, Step One:

    Get an audience that will show up at the right time to listen to your lecture. Depending upon the demographic, free t-shirts, beer, pizza, or weak coffee and stale cookies may serve as effective inducements if served beforehand.

  2. Are you refering to the new Layer 0 detector? You might be interested in seeing the pictures posted on Gordon Watts blog.

  3. Yep. I already saw them. If you look at my blogroll you will see his blog, Life as a Physicist, listed. I check it most days.

  4. I just noticed that fact.

    Oppps, sorry…

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