All Bunny Blogging All The Time

IMG_1785.JPGFriday bunny blogging was delayed this week, but I will be making amends for that faux pas. Due to demand from my many readers (You know who you are.), I will be dropping all science blogging, book reviews, technology tidbits, and insightful observations on the world and switching to all bunny blogging all the time. Pictures of bunnies will be featured everyday and not just Friday.

To start of the the new theme of the blog, here is Bquark. He is one fat bunny, although I did see him hop yesterday and successfully get all four paws off the floor at once. Bquark is a mixed breed, half Holland lop and half hippopotamus.


One Response to “All Bunny Blogging All The Time”

  1. Guess Who Says:

    YAAAAYY! Excellent. I like the new direction this blog is going in. Btw, I don’t Beanie likes being called a Hippo.

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