Gas Prices Are Going Up


Everyone who drives knows that prices are going up, but I have been recording my gas purchases since I bought my car in 2003, so I could track my mileage. I looked at the history that I have collected, and things are looking bad again. We are rapidly approaching last summer's high.

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2 Responses to “Gas Prices Are Going Up”

  1. And I wonder how high it will go when the next hurricane knocks out the Gulf Coast supply chain….

    It’s times like these when I feel kinda smug that I don’t own a car, but then the fuel costs hit me in the prices of purchases that get trucked cross-country anyway. And I’ve had many a bus ride that has made me wish I owned a car. So I do empathize.

    I’ve considered getting a bike, but there are complications with that, not having a garage and finding it really awkward to wheel a bike down a flight of external front steps—I’m not as big and strong as my husband, who does commute to work by bicycle, and can somehow manage to carry his bike upstairs after a big uphill push at the end of the day. Looks like I’ll just keep on walking and Muni-ing….

  2. I commuted by bike when I lived in Pittsburgh. It took me about 6 years before I tried though. The distance wasn’t bad about 5 miles, but the traffic was quite heavy in places. One day I saw a newly hired but senior professor show up at the department on his bike. I knew that he lived near me and that he was at least 10 years older than me. This meant that it was possible to get to work on my bike, and I took it as a challenge that he had done it. See there a benefits to be testosterone fueled.

    I got my old ten-speed out of the garage and found a route that mostly used side streets. It worked well until I hit a huge pothole that wrecked my front wheel. I bought a new hydrid bike with big mountain bike type tires so I could handle the city streets.

    I still ride today although just for exercise.

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