Friday Bunny Blogging

I have been trying to convince my daughter the bunny fanatic to get a blog and take over Friday Bunny Blogging for me. Of course for her it would everyday bunny blogging. So far no luck. She has discovered the bunny groups on flickr which means she has an almost unending supply of bunny photos. 

This week the topic is giant rabbits. My daughter's friend sent her a picture of Herman who is a german giant. Frankly I find him a little scary looking. Reminds me of the were-rabbit in the Wallace and Gromit movie. I also found out that Herman is not even the biggest rabbit. There are two rabbits that are even bigger.


2 Responses to “Friday Bunny Blogging”

  1. Drop It Like It's Hot Says:

    I think for your daughter to take over and do an entire blog related to bunnies would be awesome. Although, I had heard she had an old blog that was no longer running. She should just activate that and add to it as a bunny blog.

  2. Guess Who Says:

    Hmmm, I sense “Drop It Like It’s Hot” is refer to my online journal of high school days, which no one shall be seeing again. But I do agree that a bunny blog would be a good idea. I shall investigate.

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