Now Glamour Magazine Is Criticizing Bush Adminstration’s Science Policy

I must start with a caveat. I found this link to a story on at I mentioned once before. It is a social newsite where members submit stories that they have found on the internet and other members can vote to have them featured on the home page. I find that it has some very eclectic choices. I have never read Glamour before. I am a nerd dammit.

Now a second caveat, I generally avoid politics on this blog since there are so many others who blog about it and many do it quite well. Many do it very badly and I do not want to join them. Politics and science sometimes cross and I cannot avoid a comment, so when I saw this story I had to mention it.

There have been many criticisms of the Bush adminstration's science policies. The claims are that decisions are not made on sound science but interest groups politics, ranging from the religious right to the oil industry. Global warming, intelligent design, emergency contraception are all areas of contention.

Into this fray jumps Glamour Magazine with an article on how doctors have started to distrust information that they get from the government.

Glamour has also discovered that blatantly false anticondom information has been incorporated into several federal and state health websites. One, an official Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) site designed for families seeking health information for teens,, suggests that there is no evidence that condom use reduces the risk of HPV infection and downplays its effectiveness against chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

When Glamour criticizes your science you have a serious problem.

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