I was telling a friend about a posting on the blog, and I told him to look at He thought I said psychoquark. What a great name for a blog. I should have thought of that. It would be too much work to move my stuff to psychoquark so I will leave it to some other to give the world a blog called psychoquark.

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5 Responses to “Psychoquark”

  1. Guess Who Says:

    Ooooo. I think Beanie should use that name for his blog. That would be a true bunny blog.

  2. Bunnies cannot type.

  3. Guess Who Says:

    He could dictate…

  4. Guess Who Says:

    “Grunt, grunt, grunt…” -Bquark’s thoughts on CERN

  5. Your comments bring a touch of the surreal to the blog.

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