IE7 Beta 2

I downloaded and installed IE7 Beta 2. I have to use IE to use the remote access tools for my job. It is the only time that I use IE. I use Firefox for everything else. I decided to see how remote access would work with IE7 and test out some of the new features.

IE7 looks good. It has a very nice large default font. I compared and in IE7 and Firefox. Neither site sets an absolute font size. IE7 looked a bit nicer. This blog has absolute font sizes and it looks identical in both browsers.

IE7 does not have traditional windows menus. There is no bar just below the titlebar with menus like file, edit, view…There are some toolbar icons to the right of the tab titles. These include home, rss, print, page, and tools.

IE7 has tabs, but they do not seem to be fully debugged yet. When I right click a link and select open in a new tab, I get the page in a new window. When I use Ctrl-T or the menu entry I do get a new tab, but it is blank.

IE7 now supports RSS feeds. If you are one a page that has a feed, then the RSS icon will be in color. Clicking on it brings up a preview and you can then subscribe. Feeds with new entries are bold in the feed list. Clinking on it brings up a full text of the entry if available through the feed. It look somewhat like

I will not be switching from Firefox based on this version.

Update: It looks like it is not afont effect. It is more like IE blows up everything on the page. The icons look bigger also. The Slashdot logo looks crisp in Firefox while it looks larger but a little blurred in IE7.  


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