Smarter Airline Boarding?

Soem airlines are hoping to improve the rugby scrum that they called boarding. Of course they are not doing this to make your flight more pleasent. They are doing it to improve profitability. 

"An airplane that spends an hour on the ground between flights might fly five trips a day," he explains. "Cut the turnaround time to 40 minutes, and maybe that same plane can complete six or seven flights a day." More flights mean more paying passengers, and ultimately, more revenue.

The problem will be the frequent flyers. They want to sit in the front, so they can get off first. They want to have a place to store their carry on bag and it should be be very close to their seat, so they want to get on early. All of the schemes seem to rely on boarding people in the back early and then moving forward. There are some that rotate from back to front to keep people who are getting seated to be as far away from each other as possible.

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