People Do Not Like Using Old Computers

A new survey of European workers show that they don't just dislike old computers but they actually take more sick leave. My computer is starting to show its age, and I am getting frustrated with it. The laptop that I bought for myself is newer, faster, and more pleasant to use. 

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5 Responses to “People Do Not Like Using Old Computers”

  1. Looking at the studies of microbial life on keyboards over time, there could be a real reason older computers are correlated with more sick time…

  2. There’s always something newer and cooler coming down the pike. When my husband and I were walking past the Apple store downtown last night, he was starting to talk about how he could buy one of the new Intel-driven laptops, and then I could inherit the PowerBook that he bought last year. But my 2002 vintage PowerBook is still working fine for me.

    I wonder if the recent gains in processor speed make so much of a difference for most people who use computers for standard business purposes. Sure, Internet access is faster, but MS Word is still clunky at any speed. (I hate having to scroll through the drop-down font menu to change fonts. Why can’t I just key in the first couple of letters of the font name and jump to the font? This is still the case in Word 2004! Why? We know so much more about user interface design than we did twenty years ago! OK, enough ranting…)

  3. I am trying to understand why computers "slow down". There are some effects that really do reflect age like a hard drive getting fragmented, but the clock speed does not actually slown. The biggest effect is software upgrades. If you keep putting more and more software that is more complex on a computer it will struggle after awhile. I look at my work computer and we have had upgrades to MS Office and a whole series a little programs added. Some are security related, and another is to allow easier adminstration by the IT group.

    I keep looking at those MacBooks, but I think I will wait they seem to be having some teething pains. They seem to run very hot.  

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