Conspicuous Consumption on the Deck

I loved to cook on the grill. I got a cheap gas grill about 4 years ago and I use 3 to 4 times a week during the warm weather. Of course some people just like to show off their expensive equipment.

Though they have actually cooked on the grill only three times since they installed it, it has been a hit with Mr. Petrullo's friends, who congregate around it at parties and give it a going-over like a pack of high school boys around a Corvette, Ms. Petrullo said. "They like to lift up the hood and play with the knobs," she said. "They open the doors underneath, and they open the fridge next to it to check it out."

I have learned that my grill does not heat evenly. When I am making small items like burger or brats, I have rotate them around the grill so that each item spends some time on the back left side of the grill which is hottest. I could get a benefit from a better grill, but they don't let you try out the grills at Home Depot, so I do avoid getting stuck with another left handed grill?

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