Visiting CERN

I am at CERN, and I have spent the last three days getting a whirlwind tour of the detectors and the accelerator. Most of the detector components have been built and have arrived here for assembly. The number of people here has exploded as physicists from all over the world have arrived to install and commission their detectors. I have taken about 80 photos so far, but I thought I would start out with a small selection.

CMS_detectorWe arrived just before the CMS detector was to be closed for a test of it magnet. You can still see the inner detector in this photo. The cylinder inside the octagonal structure is a solenoid magnet. Inside that is the hadron calorimeter. The tracking detector is not yet installed. It is a large detector as you can see from the people standing in the lower right corner.

ATLAS_shaftThe ATLAS detector is even bigger than the CMS detector. It is being assembled underground, and I had trouble taking a picture that could truly capture its size. This is the shaft that parts of the detector are lowered down. The detector is 100 meters below the surface, This provides shielding from the radiation produced by the accelerator.

LHC_quadrupoleI got a tour of the accelerator also. The US contributions to accelerator were mostly in the interaction regions. Here I am in front of a quadrupole magnet built by Fermilab which has been installed in the accelerator. I am on the left.


2 Responses to “Visiting CERN”

  1. It’s always amazing to see what is going on at CERN. When I was last there I was able to get a tour of ATLAS, but I was not able to see CMS, or the accelerator. I like the picture looking down the shaft into the ATLAS cavern. I took a shot from the same location and while it was amazing to see it, it was also horrifying (I am very, very scared of heights). I would have to agree that it is difficult to get a picture that shows the true size of ATLAS. I’ll have to live with some of the great official pictures that manage to capture this.

    I hope to see more of your pictures from this visit to CERN.

  2. I took about 80 pictures. It will take me some time to sort through them, but I will work on it.

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