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How to See Dark Matter

Posted in physics, Science on August 21, 2006 by Mike Procario

Sean Carroll at Cosmic Variance has a very nice explanation of a new result that shows that dark matter must exist and that all of the evidence for dark matter cannot be explained away by modifying Einstein’s general relativity. This shows one of the things I really like about blogs. I am in a related field, but I have very little expertise at astronomy. This explanation goes well beyond what I could get in the popular press without being a report for experts only.


More Press for the ILC, LHC, and EPP 2010

Posted in physics, Science on August 1, 2006 by Mike Procario

Nigel Lockyear of teh University of Pennsylvania and a member of the EPP 2010 panel has an opinion piece on today arguing for support of the new long range vision of HEP that EPP 2010 has developed to maintain a leadership program for the US in particle physics.

A recent report by the National Academy of Sciences warns that “the price the U.S. would pay by forfeiting a leadership position in particle physics is too high. Leadership in science remains central to the economic and cultural vitality of the U.S. To fuel the innovation economy of the 21st century, to maintain national security, and to produce knowledge needed to ensure our well-being in the face of a changing and uncertain world …”

Strong support for US participation in the LHC followed be building the International Linear Collider is the prescription for this challenge.