Ubuntu 6.10 Installed

I took some time this evening to install Ubuntu 6.10 on my desktop. I had heard that some people were having problems doing an upgrade so I did a clean install. I have two computers, a desktop and a laptop. I consider the laptop to be my primary computer, so I experimented with the desktop. I backed up what I needed to save and blew away the system partition. I rationalized the partitions a bit to reduce the number on the system and installed Ubuntu 6.10. It looks good and so far is running well. I used automatix to install some codecs, fonts, and extras.

Ubuntu 6.10 comes with Firefox 2.0 and F-spot an open source photo manager ala Picasa. Firefox is working well, and I F-spot the once over. It is supposed to upload to flickr and Picasa Web Albums. I use both as well as Yahoo Photos. Interestingly, Picasa on linux cannot upload to Picasa Web Albums.


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4 Responses to “Ubuntu 6.10 Installed”

  1. Picasa wont upload under linux, because its running under wine, it aint really a linux application..

  2. No it’s not a native linux app, but it still is the best app I have found for what I want. I have figured out how to get it to store photos in /home/mike/photos rather than its default /home/mike/PicasaDocuments/My Pictures, which shows its windows heritage.

    I have to work some more with F-spot to see if it will do what I need.

  3. I got some anger with photo management in Ubuntu too. I wish that either Picasa worked as advertised (without bugs like thumb mismatches, and timeline freezing), or F-spot did a better job of uploading to Picasa web albums and exporting tags to filenames. In my recent experience, the current version of F-spot (v0.2.1) crashes when trying to upload to Picasa web albums (my preferred web share). This is a major bummer because uploading photos from Firefox is a slow task of browsing for each photo one at a time in 5 item batches (try uploading a 50 photo album that you happysnapped earlier that day). Tagging in F-spot are work nicely but if you invest your quality time to decently tag your 5Gb plus gallery then it is a one way trip to wasting time because the tags only live in F-spot and do not export. There is no search by filename either. Such is the life of a Ubuntu fan; we have to wait for better tools.

  4. Since I upgraded to 6.10 Picasa has not been getting the EXIF data when I import. I now import using the gnome importer and then coping to Picasa so it is even worse than I mentioned before.

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