Bookmark Problems

I have access to large number of computers. At home I use a linux box, a windows box, and a dual boot laptop for my own use. I also have access to the other computers in my home that are used by my family, and I have a computer at work. All of these computers have Firefox installed on them. It would be nice if I could share the same bookmarks on all of them. There is a Firefox extension called Foxmarks which promises to do that for me. When I update my bookmarks it send the updates to a server at and when I use another computer it gets the updates from the server. The appealing thing about foxmarks is that it uses the builtin Firefox bookmarks, so I can keep accessing my bookmarks from the same menu.

This would be a great solution if foxmarks didn’t not lose bookmarks on me. I have looked at the comments about foxmarks on the Firefox extension page devoted to foxmarks and some people have had similar problems, although many people are happy. I have not been able to figure the problem. Perhaps it is the large number of computers I have it on, or the mix of windows and linux. Sometimes I may have it running on more than one computer at a time. Only a few bookmarks are disappearing. I have a folder of bookmarks with humor sites that I would open all at once in different tabs so I could read the comics. About half of these bookmarks have disappeared.

I have disabled foxmarks and I am now trying Google bookmarks and the Google toolbar. Google books uses tags, so a bookmark can be found in multiple ways. The toolbar means that I do not have to keep a tab open on the Google bookmarks site. I can access them through a menu. I have not found a way to upload all of my current bookmarks into Google bookamrks, so I am growing the list slowly.


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