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XKCD Strikes Again

Posted in humor, physics, Science, Uncategorized on March 20, 2008 by Mike Procario

Mythbusters, Zombie Feynman and a meditation on the meaning of science. What more can you ask for?


Computer Friendly Airline Terminals

Posted in Travel on March 15, 2008 by Mike Procario

I took Southwest Airlines from Baltimore to Islip recently. It was my time in the relatively new Southwest terminal at BWI. Most of the gates had a power bar set up where you could plug in your laptop and work while you waited. I had seen something similar at O’Hare, but there were many more of these and they were right at the gate.

I have a Boingo on the Go account and Boingo wireless was available, so I was able to get about an hour’s worth of work done.  I was there quite early since I was worried about rush hour traffic and I left early. However, traffic was just fine.

I also had a good experience at the Madison, WI airport. I had a long delay, so I waited outside the security area, where they had a vary comfortable waiting area with comfortable leather chairs and plenty of power. Wireless was available, but I was surprised that there was a charge. I had seen lists of free wireless at airports and most of them were smaller like Madison.

Testing Windows Live Writer

Posted in Technology and Software on March 15, 2008 by Mike Procario

Paul Thurrott recommended Windows Live Write recently for blog editing, so of course I had to test. I have used ScribeFire for Firefox, Flock’s built in blog editor, MarsEdit on the Mac, as well as web-based editor. I am obviously not completely happy with any of my choices since I keep trying new ones.

I am writing this post using Windows Live Writer and it seems fine.  It seems to have all of the features that I would expect. Sometimes I discover problems after the post goes up, and it does not look like I expected.

Live Writer is supposed to work with a variety of blogging platforms. Setting it up to work on my blog was straight forward. I supplied the URL of my blog, my username and password. After a few moments, I was ready to go.

I work mostly on my Macbook Pro so I have to run Live Writer in Parallels, so I see a little bit of a performance issue, but it is not major.

Veronica Belmont Visits SLAC

Posted in physics, Science on March 8, 2008 by Mike Procario

Mahalo Daily is a short video podcast hosted by Veronica Belmont that covers a different topic everyday. One day it is hangover cures and another it is the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Well I checked on the recent ones today and I saw that there was a podcast about SLAC. It is not as good as a real visit, but you should check it out anyway.

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Testing Flock

Posted in Technology and Software on March 6, 2008 by Mike Procario

Flock is a web browser based on Firefox with built in integration with a large number of interactive websites. I have tested it with gmail, yahoo mail,,, and picasa web albums. So far it works ok. There is an integrated blog editor that I am using to publish this.

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