Testing Windows Live Writer

Paul Thurrott recommended Windows Live Write recently for blog editing, so of course I had to test. I have used ScribeFire for Firefox, Flock’s built in blog editor, MarsEdit on the Mac, as well as wordpress.com web-based editor. I am obviously not completely happy with any of my choices since I keep trying new ones.

I am writing this post using Windows Live Writer and it seems fine.  It seems to have all of the features that I would expect. Sometimes I discover problems after the post goes up, and it does not look like I expected.

Live Writer is supposed to work with a variety of blogging platforms. Setting it up to work on my wordpress.com blog was straight forward. I supplied the URL of my blog, my username and password. After a few moments, I was ready to go.

I work mostly on my Macbook Pro so I have to run Live Writer in Parallels, so I see a little bit of a performance issue, but it is not major.


2 Responses to “Testing Windows Live Writer”

  1. It also works very well with custom install WordPress blogs as well plus blogger, MT, Drupal and several others as well. Windows Live Writer has actually been around in one version or another for quite awhile now. It still has it’s quirks and that non-standard toolbar that drives me nuts but that’s coming from someone who has been using it from day one (around August 11, 2006).

    Once they standardize the toolbar, I’ll be satisfied.

  2. quagmires Says:

    I used Windows Live Writer for half of my blog post on quagmires.wordpress.com
    Windows Live Writer is a nice program that runs well on my Vista PC. If Microsoft releases it for a Mac that would be great but then again that’s one of the advantages of having a PC.

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