Jolly FastVNC is Fast Enough to Use

I have tried to use VNC to access my Windows desktop box from my MacBook Pro. My main use case so far is controlling my iTunes running on Windows, since I have a much larger collection of music on my desktop and it is connected to my stereo. I had previously tried Chicken of the VNC as the VNC client on my MacBook Pro and TightVNC server on the Windows box and using Wifi for the connection. It was painfully slow. It seemed to take minutes for the cursor to follow the mouse. It was too painful to even try a pick a playlist in iTunes.

I just heard about JollyFastVNC a new OS X VNC client and I tried it today. It is jolly fast. It certainly is more than fast enough for my major use case. I saw the occasional lag of the cursor following mouse. I may try to use for a few other uses.


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