I Still Got It

I installed Virtualbox virtualization software today on my PC. It allows me to run Linux inside of Windows. I did an install of Ubuntu 8.10 and it is working fine. I have a dual core processor which helps a lot. I can see that one processor is busy almost constantly.

VirtualBox has a feature that lets you share folders between the guest OS, Ubuntu in this case, and the host OS, Windows in this case. I had trouble getting it to run. After some serious poking around, I discovered that VirtualBox provides linux kernel modules to support this feature, although they call them Linux guest additions.

I had upgraded my linux kernel with the automatic updates feature of Ubuntu after I had added the Linux guest additions. When I then tried to turn on faolder sharing, it did not work. I discovered that I had the needed kernel modules for version 2.6.27-07, but I was running 2.6.27-11. The fix was simple, and I might have stumbled on it even if I did not understand it. Reinstall the Linux guest additions. I looked, and I saw that I had the correct kernel modules now.  Folder sharing is now working.

I think that I am happier that I figured out what was really wrong than that I have a properly working system.


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