Cutting Down our Christmas Tree

Sarah came back from her first term at Pitt on Sunday. She was delighted that we had put up the Christmas lights but was disappointed that we did not yet have a tree. We had been procrastinating because Margaret had heard a story on the radio about how important it is too not buy a dry tree.

We decided to cut down a tree this year. It turns out that there is a Christmas tree farm only a few miles from our house. Sarah and I put down the backseats of the RAV4 and headed off.  Sarah picked out a tree which was big enough for her taste, and I sawed it down.

Sarah helped me to carry the tree to the car.  We put it and in, and it stuck out a foot to far to close the door.  I pushed her seat up as far as it would go and even set the back tilted slightly forward.  We finally got it in. Sarah had to ride with her knees up to her chest, but she the tree she wanted.



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