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Trying Out Lightroom

Posted in Photo on June 23, 2011 by Mike Procario

I spent a bit of time this week cleaning up my photo collection. Picasa manages to find almost every photo on my disk, including some that I don’t want want it track. I had a My Pictures folder inside My Pictures folder. A number of folders lived in a downloaded web albums. I have tried to get them all organized by year for digital photos and a scanned photo folder. I then organized them into collections, which are smaller and easier to manage.

During all of this, I started to wonder if there was a program better than Picasa. I did some research and Adobe Lightroom is the serious choice for managing photos, so I downloaded the trial version. I just imported the photos that were on my camera. I figured how to crop and adjust exposure.

I set it up to be able to upload to Facebook or Flickr. Publishing to either requiring creating a collection first, which is not intuitive. I imagine it could be quite useful, if you upload a lot of photos.

I played with tagging photos which seems to have some potential.