New Camera

I continue to take a lot of photos this summer, and I finally felt ready for a upgrade to my camera. I got a Nikon D7000 this week. It is a move up from my 6 year old Nikon D50. The D7000 looks like it should last at least as long as the D50. It is a very capable camera, but I am still learning how to use it. It has a much larger ISO range than D50. I accidentally left it on ISO 3200 and then went to shoot in bright sunlight. The shots still looked great.

I like to use aperture priority mode most of the time to control my depth of field. I put my 50 mm f/1.8 lens on and tried to take some shots. The aperture was always f/1.8. It turns out on the D7000 there is a separate control wheel for the aperture unlike the D50. That is a nice feature; now that I know I have it.

I think this is my best shot so far with the camera. I have shooting these flowers for a couple of weeks now, and I am still getting new shots that I like.

Pink Balloon Flowers with Bunny


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