It’s a New Bunny

We got our first rabbits much to my surprise around Easter 2001. We still have one of the original two bunnies. He’s over ten years old now. We have another that is a couple of years younger, but still old for a rabbit. This week we adopted a young rabbit from the animal shelter.  At the shelter he was listed as Harry. I don’t know if the shelter gave him that name or the people who brought him in to the shelter, but we are keeping it. We were told he is a mix of angora and lionhead. He sure is furry.

Margaret is fussing over him. Is eating enough? Does he feel at home? He looks fine to me.

Harry Moves In

Rabbits that are not used to each other can fight, so he has his own fenced-in area, but he can see the other two. They are all quite curious and stare at each other a lot.


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