Picture a Day

On Flickr there are quite a few groups that invite you to take and post a photo a day. I tried to do that in 2010 and I succeeded in taking 78 photos for a 21% rate. I am going to give it another try this year. I am now two weeks in, and I have succeeded 100% of the time.

I don’t have the time to grab my SLR and go out and find something very interesting to shoot everyday, so I will have to be happy with catching shots with my iPhone. In 2010 I did get several nice shots with my phone, which was then a Motorola Droid. This is one of my favorite shots from any camera. It was taken with my Droid in the parking lot at work.


If everyday turned out this well, I would be delighted. Clearly, they won’t, so I take this challenge as a chance to experiment more and generally keep my eyes open for photo taking opportunities.

On the 7th, I took my DSLR downtown and took about 50 photos. I was happy with about 10 of them, so the challenge there was which one to pick to represent the day. I picked this one.


I could also have picked this one


or this one


I find all of those interesting as photographs, but some days I just go for fun like this one. The caption was “In Chicago, the cars pray to the snow gods to not be buried.”


You can follow my experiments on Flickr, my 2012 photo a day set.


2 Responses to “Picture a Day”

  1. These are all great, but I agree about that first one. Amazing shot.

    Congrats on the 100%. It’s only January 17th and I’ve already missed 2 days.

  2. empire social…

    […]Picture a Day « Cycle Quark[…]…

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