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Good Day for Photos

Posted in Photo on February 25, 2012 by Mike Procario

The light was dramatic today and constantly changing.  I would see something that was nicely lit, but I had a bad angle on. By the time I got to a good angle, the light had changed. I finally lucked out and got some shots of old farm on Butterfly Road.

Silo against the Sky

My favorite one is of the whole farm with the dramatic sky in the background. I even caught a flock of birds flying above the barn.

Old Farm Down the Road II (47/366)

Most of the photos were overexposed due to the high contrast and the bright sky. I was able to recover detail in the sky when I processed the photos in Lightroom. Digital photography is quite forgiving.

The photos are posted on flickr. You can click on them and got there to see bigger versions.



Take What You Get or Try Harder

Posted in Photo on February 18, 2012 by Mike Procario

I am trying to do the photo a day challenge that is so popular on Flickr. I am doing it to improve my photography. Today, I took a picture of my wife’s Valentine roses. They have opened up a bit since Tuesday, so it seemed worthwhile to photograph them again.

I placed them on the dining room table, and I took some shots with my 50mm f1.8. They were lit only by the dining room light and the program mode on the camera chose large apertures. I thought parts of the photo looked in focus, but I was not satisfied. I suspected that I did not have enough depth of field.

I had two choices. I could get my tripod or add more light. I got my tripod. I took shots from f7.1 to f2.0 in aperture priority mode. At f7.1 shown below the small white flowers still show detail.

I knew about depth of field for years. What I really learned today, is that you can take what you get or you can get serious and work to get what you want.

One Month Down

Posted in Photo with tags on February 1, 2012 by Mike Procario

I successfully got through the first month of the Flickr photo a day resolution. I took at least one photo for every day in January and posted them on Flickr. I used our pet rabbits as subjects for six of them. I would have posted seven or eight others to Flickr, if I wasn’t doing photo-a-day. Seven of the photos were taken with my iPhone, four were taken with my Canon A590IS, and the rest with my DSLR.

The big thing I have learned so far is a better understanding of my fairly new camera. I have worked on aperture priority mode. I adjusted the default hand held speed in program mode from 1/30 sec to 1/50 sec.

I have been struggling for subjects. After a long day at work, I just have time snap a few shots around the house. The photo below is of our kitchen cabinets. I used the noise reduction in Lightroom for the first time on this photo. It was shot at ISO 1800 with visible noise, but it cleaned up quite nicely.