Explosion on Flickr

I had a massive jump of view on Flickr on April 25. 2012. I had 738 views. I tend to average about 50 views a day and have had days over a hundred.


A single photo that I took of the terminal at Dulles airport was responsible for 295 views.

Looks Cool from this Angle

I like that shot, but I have had many better shots. I must have been featured somewhere on flickr that I don’t know about.


2 Responses to “Explosion on Flickr”

  1. Ciara Belonger Says:

    The people behind Flickr are crazy about creating new ways of organizing photos and video and making it easy for users to organize and store their precious digital memories. As a user, you can allow all your contacts and friends to comment on your photos and even reorganize them.

  2. Hey Guppy, I’ll update you if you update me! I switched from Blogger too – not even because of the problems everyone else was having but because they totally ruined my blog thinking it was spamud83dude26 So Ramble on is gone and now I am “Writing from the Inside Out” Come on http://tropaadet.dk/woodarddelaney1273081845

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