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Great Footnote

Posted in Blogging, Religion on June 12, 2009 by Mike Procario

** The parallel passage in Luke’s Gospel is more fun if you ever have to deal with a PMD in conversation. Be sure to use the King James Version when you bring up Luke 17:34 — “In that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left” — and then argue that a literal interpretation suggests that precisely 50 percent of homosexuals will be raptured.

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Speed of a Meme

Posted in Blogging on November 30, 2006 by Mike Procario

Scott Eric Kaufmann is trying to experimentally measure the speed that a meme can travel around the internet.  I saw it mentioned in Political Animal. You can participate by linking to the original article. Kaufmann is tracking mentions in Technorati.


Posted in Blogging on April 28, 2006 by Mike Procario

I was telling a friend about a posting on the blog, and I told him to look at He thought I said psychoquark. What a great name for a blog. I should have thought of that. It would be too much work to move my stuff to psychoquark so I will leave it to some other to give the world a blog called psychoquark.

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Busy Bicycling

Posted in Blogging on April 24, 2006 by Mike Procario

Bicycling season has started in earnest and kept me to too busy to much blogging. Once the weather gets good, I can be out on the road for 10-15 hours a week. Sometimes I think deep thoughts while I am on the bike, which I can write up when I get back, but mostly I just get too tired to blog. 

Also some of my blogging energy gets sucked up into blogging about cycling

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The Authority on a Year of Gmail Use

Posted in Blogging, Technology and Software on April 19, 2006 by Mike Procario

I checked my blog stats today and saw that they were relatively high for me. The most viewed post was A Year of Gmail with 10 views. The next highest had 3. I am not sure where the traffic is coming from. The post is from March so it is not in my feeds or on my front page. WordPress tells you what search terms were used to find your blog and none were gmail related. I searched "Year of Gmail" on Google and my post was listed first. Wow. However, I did not find anyone linking to the post.

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Somebody Actually Reads This Blog

Posted in Blogging on April 15, 2006 by Mike Procario has statistics on how many times a day a blog is viewed and they just added how people subscribe to the blog's feed. I have been running about 20-25 page views a day, but it fluctuates a lot. If post something about a story in the Washington Post, I can see my page views go above 40. Some Saturdays and Sundays it drops to about 10.

Now I see that around 10 people check my blog's RSS feed each day. There can be overlap between the two. Some RSS readers, like, will actually show the entire content of the post, and not generate a page view. Mozilla Firefox simply lists the RSS feeds and you have to view the blog's pages in Firefox, so that would be counted under page views.

I know I have two regular readers from their frequent comments, but suspect that I may have as many 10 regular readers. I am starting to feel the pressure to produce.

Testing Flickr

Posted in Blogging, Photo on March 29, 2006 by Mike Procario

Ginger Standing

Originally uploaded by cyclequark.

Just a test of flickr blogging. I got a Nikon D50 for Christmas. It has allowed me to catch the girl's pet rabbits in the act, which I never could with my old point and shoot.

Flickr has a blog this button which will create a blog entry with a link to the flickr photo and allow you to add text. If I ever take an interesting picture of something other than a rabbit, I will know how to blog it.