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The Pie Ride

Posted in cycling on November 13, 2010 by Mike Procario

The Frederick Pedalers had a ride scheduled today on the Western Maryland Rail Trail. The ride was planned with new and slower riders in mind, but it was just the club regulars and one experienced rider who is new to the area who showed up. The decision was made to ride the entire length of the trail, a 44 mile round trip.

It was chilly when we left. I knew it was supposed to get up to 60, so I did not want to dress overly warm. I paid for that in the beginning of the ride. I had mountain bike gloves and no hat under my helmet. My fingers and ears were quite chilly for about 5 or 6 miles. The weather warmed as we rode and it was in the end quite a nice day for a ride.

I rode my old hybrid to help keep my speed down and make it a tougher workout for what I expected to be a 20-25 miles ride. My hybrid is a bit heavier than my road bike. The total ride of 44 miles was the longest I have ever done on that bike.

Of course, the highlight of the ride was lunch at Weaver’s in Hancock, which is known for their pies. Most people decided to have lunch before their pie. I ordered a club sandwich, but most folks ordered chili. I understood when I saw the size of the sandwich. I was a real double-decker club and it came with a mountain of potato chips. I finished the sandwich and left the chips. I had a excellent piece of blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream. Excess was the order of the day now.

Between the 45 minute drive from Frederick to the trail, the three and half hours riding and the lunch break, I did not get back until almost 4:00 PM. It was a well spent day.