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It’s a New Bunny

Posted in personal on July 22, 2011 by Mike Procario

We got our first rabbits much to my surprise around Easter 2001. We still have one of the original two bunnies. He’s over ten years old now. We have another that is a couple of years younger, but still old for a rabbit. This week we adopted a young rabbit from the animal shelter. ¬†At the shelter he was listed as Harry. I don’t know if the shelter gave him that name or the people who brought him in to the shelter, but we are keeping it. We were told he is a mix of angora and lionhead. He sure is furry.

Margaret is fussing over him. Is eating enough? Does he feel at home? He looks fine to me.

Harry Moves In

Rabbits that are not used to each other can fight, so he has his own fenced-in area, but he can see the other two. They are all quite curious and stare at each other a lot.


Cutting Down our Christmas Tree

Posted in personal on December 23, 2010 by Mike Procario

Sarah came back from her first term at Pitt on Sunday. She was delighted that we had put up the Christmas lights but was disappointed that we did not yet have a tree. We had been procrastinating because Margaret had heard a story on the radio about how important it is too not buy a dry tree.

We decided to cut down a tree this year. It turns out that there is a Christmas tree farm only a few miles from our house. Sarah and I put down the backseats of the RAV4 and headed off.  Sarah picked out a tree which was big enough for her taste, and I sawed it down.

Sarah helped me to carry the tree to the car.  We put it and in, and it stuck out a foot to far to close the door.  I pushed her seat up as far as it would go and even set the back tilted slightly forward.  We finally got it in. Sarah had to ride with her knees up to her chest, but she the tree she wanted.


The Christmas Beard

Posted in personal on January 8, 2009 by Mike Procario

I last shaved on Christmas Eve, so I would look respectableDSC_0130 at church. I tend to let me beard grow over the holidays, and I usually keep for a few days after I go back to work. I thought I would get a photo this year before I shaved.

I Got What I Wanted for Christmas

Posted in personal, Uncategorized on December 24, 2008 by Mike Procario

When my family asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told a them a Steeler’s tie and a travel mug.


It looks like I got what I asked for. I even got a Steeler’s mug.

Chicago where they have real weather

Posted in personal on January 29, 2008 by Mike Procario

I lived in Madison, Wisconsin for seven years so I know something about cold weather, but the only city with serious cold weather that I visit regularly now is Chicago. When I arrived at O’Hare this afternoon the temperature was 50 degrees. I went to my meeting and when I returned to my car around 6:00 PM, the wind was blowing hard and the temperature was 20 degrees. I went off to dinner and when I left it was snowing and the temperature was 8 degrees. The quick drop  in temperature was what makes it memorable.

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All Bunny Blogging All The Time

Posted in humor, personal, Photo on April 1, 2006 by Mike Procario

IMG_1785.JPGFriday bunny blogging was delayed this week, but I will be making amends for that faux pas. Due to demand from my many readers (You know who you are.), I will be dropping all science blogging, book reviews, technology tidbits, and insightful observations on the world and switching to all bunny blogging all the time. Pictures of bunnies will be featured everyday and not just Friday.

To start of the the new theme of the blog, here is Bquark. He is one fat bunny, although I did see him hop yesterday and successfully get all four paws off the floor at once. Bquark is a mixed breed, half Holland lop and half hippopotamus.

It Is Not Easy Being a Girl Geek.

Posted in personal, Science on March 27, 2006 by Mike Procario

My daughter expressed a strong desire for dopamine earrings. They are silver earrings in the form of the chemical structure of dopamine. Her mother and I gave her a pair as a gift, and she has been wearing them regularly. Today she told me that several people have complemented her on how interesting they look, but no one has recognized that they are dopamine. She is somewhat disappointed.

If she had told me this yesterday, I could have blogged about it on her birthday like she wanted.